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Seeking a Mandatory or Temporary Protective Order in Colorado

If you feel fearful for your safety because of the actions of another person in Colorado, you can seek a protection order. However, receiving protection through this type of legal order can be challenging on your own. Consider hiring our restraining order lawyer in Denver. We will do everything possible to gather facts in the case that show why the court should grant you the restraining order.

We understand the highly charged emotions that go into the decision to seek a protective order. Before contacting our team at Price Family Law, you probably went through a range of feelings, from fear to anger to uncertainty. This is common for people who choose to seek a restraining order. It is not an easy decision to tell yourself that your relationship with someone is beyond repair.

If you believe someone is out to harm you or may seek retaliation, admitting to yourself that you need to get a mandatory protective order in Colorado can be a frightening realization. We are sympathetic to your situation, and we will work tirelessly to help you.

For a free consultation about your case, contact our restraining order lawyer in Denver today at 720-615-1750. We represent both those seeking to obtain a protection order and those looking to defend themselves from being the target of an unjust protection order.

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How to Get a Protective Order in Colorado

When you reach the point where you believe you need to seek a restraining order, contacting our restraining order lawyer in Denver is a good place to start. We can explain how to get a protective order in Colorado, working within the local court system in Denver. This is a process that requires you to follow a few steps:

  • Complete the forms the court requires.
  • Submit any specific facts that show why you are seeking a restraining order.
  • Sign the motion for the protection order.
  • Submit the completed forms to the local county clerk.

Our restraining order lawyer in Denver is ready to help you with all aspects of generating a protection order. We will walk you through all the legal requirements for filing this petition, working with you to devise the strategy we want to use in your case. Although we will provide advice for you at every step of the way in your case, the final decision in how we move forward will always belong to you. If you want to know how to get a protective order in Colorado, you can call us for guidance.

Our Restraining Order Lawyer in Denver Will Provide High Levels of Customer Service

Some family law custody attorneys dealing with family law try to move cases along as fast as possible, completing each one quickly so they can accept more clients. This is not our philosophy. Instead, our team of Denver restraining order lawyers wants to get to know you as thoroughly as possible. We can represent you better when we understand your goals for the case and your hopes for the future. Law firms that blow through your case quickly simply cannot give you the level of service and representation that you deserve to have.

We follow a philosophy where we focus on showing respect and compassion to all our clients. We have a passion for family law, and we carry our enthusiasm over to every case we handle. We go above and beyond what other firms try to do in terms of customer service, always focusing on the well-being of our clients.

Our Team Can Handle All Aspects of Family Law

Our protection order lawyer in Denver also has the expertise to serve as a child custody attorney and a divorce lawyer in Denver, making them well-equipped to handle cases involving lawyers for divorce and custody modification. At Price Family Law, our team has experience with all segments of family law in the state of Colorado. We know that going through a contentious break with a significant other can be highly stressful, but we are ready to stand with you. No one enters a relationship expecting to need a restraining order several months or years in the future, but, unfortunately, some relationships end this way. We will help you work through the legal and emotional aspects of this situation.

When you decide it’s time to get help regarding a Colorado protection order, it’s important to move quickly. For a free review of your case, call us as soon as possible at 720-615-1750.

Common Questions for Our Protection Order Lawyer in Denver

When clients hire Price Family Law, they can trust that we always will be available to answer any questions they have. Here are FAQs about getting a protection order in Denver, so clients have an understanding of how we approach cases.

The length of time a protection order lasts in Colorado depends on the type of protective order in play. If you have a TRO, or a temporary protective order in Colorado, the court leaves it in place for two weeks initially. Later, the court can extend it after holding a hearing about it. We can represent you in this hearing. A CPO, or civil protective order, occurs when the victim has concerns about his or her safety, but law enforcement is not investigating the situation from a criminal standpoint. The CPO may last for up to a year. An MPO, or mandatory protective order in Colorado, occurs when the target of the order is facing criminal charges. The MPO will last until the criminal case comes to an end. A PPO, or permanent protective order, can last indefinitely until the affected parties agree to change it.

According to the Colorado Judicial Branch, when you complete a form seeking the protection order, you will need to describe the facts and circumstances that are leading you to seek the order. You must describe what happened in detail on the form. If you seek a protection order related to an abusive situation, you may submit photographs of your injuries or a detailed list of the medical appointments you had for treatment. If you have concerns about verbal threats, use the form to list exactly what the other person said as proof for the restraining order in Colorado.

Those who need an emergency protective order in Colorado can place a number of immediate limitations on the behaviors and actions of the party who is the target of the order, according to Colorado statute § 13-14-103. As the person filing the protection order, you can prevent the other party from being able to:

  • Contact
  • Harass
  • Intimidate
  • Threaten
  • Touch
  • Stalk
  • Abuse

Depending on the order in place, the party that is the target of the emergency protective order may not be able to enter the family home either.

An emergency protective order will give the victim immediate protection from another person. The Colorado Judicial Branch specifies that the victim must be in imminent danger to receive an emergency order. This order lasts for up to three days. You and your legal representative may be able to seek the emergency order via telephone if there isn’t time to wait for a normal business day to make a formal request to the court. Law enforcement officers responding to an incident also can initiate the emergency restraining order process on your behalf. While the emergency order is in place, you and your representative then can begin working toward seeking a more permanent type of protective order.

The emergency protection order works in a similar manner to other protection orders in a local court. However, the emergency order can happen in a shorter amount of time than other restraining orders. Law enforcement officers will serve the target of the order with the papers. You personally cannot serve the other party. With an emergency order, even if law enforcement does not formally serve the target of the order fast enough, as long as the target knows of the existence of the emergency order, he or she must follow its restrictions.

While we answer here just a few of the many questions that may come to mind for you as you face the decision to get a custody order in Colorado, we are happy to answer others. Give us a call at The Price Family Law Firm to get help today. Whether you’re seeking custody legal advice, custody modification, or need guidance from experienced custody attorneys, our team is here to provide the assistance you need.

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    When you are facing a difficult domestic or legal situation that requires seeking a protective order, you need to be able to trust your legal custody lawyers. You want to feel comfortable sharing highly personal details about your life. You should have confidence that your protective order is a top priority for your attorney, just as it is for you. At Price Family Law, we fully understand these feelings. You can trust us to take care of all legal requirements when you need to get a protection order in Denver.

    We sympathize with your situation, and we want you to know that we will stand with you from start to finish.

    If You Are the Target of an Unfair Restraining Order, We Are Ready to Help

    Sometimes, you may find yourself at the center of a contentious divorce where your ex-spouse is lying about your behavior, painting a picture of you that simply isn’t true. Our Denver divorce lawyer sometimes represents people who suffer this kind of treatment from an ex-spouse, and we know how hurtful it can be. Should your ex-spouse carry these lies a step further and attempt to seek a temporary or mandatory protective order in Colorado against you, which may prevent you from seeing your children, we are ready to help.

    Our protection order lawyer in Denver will gather information in the case that shows why you do not pose a danger to your children or ex-spouse.

    This can be a highly emotional situation as you attempt to protect your reputation and your relationship with your kids. Trust that our attorneys will work to help you avoid or remove an unfair protection order in Denver. We will behave in a professional manner at all times while representing you, which can help to defuse the emotion of the situation. Everyone then can focus on the facts.

    Our Team Can Help You Learn About How to Get a Protective Order in Colorado

    At Price Family Law, we treat our clients like we would treat our own family. When we discuss your case, we want you to feel as comfortable with us as you feel with friends, so we will work hard to earn your trust. We know that the process of seeking a restraining order is a stressful one, but we want to use our experience to remove some of the worry from your plate. We work tirelessly to deliver the highest level of professionalism in our representation, and we believe this hard work and preparation gives us the best chance to help you receive the legal outcome you are seeking.

    Call our restraining order lawyer in Denver to learn more about how to get a protective order in Colorado. For a free consultation, contact us today at 720-615-1750. We take pride in our responsiveness to our clients. After you hire us, we will be available at any time to answer your questions.