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Seeking a Mandatory or Temporary Protective Order in Colorado

Are you fearful for your safety because of the actions of someone in Colorado? If so, you can seek a protective order. However, obtaining one on your own can be challenging. The assistance of a restraining order lawyer in Denver can prove helpful.

At Price Family Law, we appreciate the highly charged emotions that impact the decision to seek a protective order. It is difficult to recognize that your relationship is not only broken beyond repair, but it is also dangerous.

Our team will work tirelessly to help you obtain the order you need to protect your safety and your future.

For a free consultation, contact our restraining order lawyer in Denver today at 720-615-1750. We represent both those seeking to obtain protection orders and those looking to defend themselves from being the target of unjust orders.

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Why Choose Us?

We Know How to Get Things Done

When you fear for your safety and need to engage a restraining order attorney in Denver, experience, knowledge, and service approach matter. You want to ensure the firm you select is well positioned to positively impact your situation. Price Family Law has the compassion and skills you need.

With more than a decade of experience, Trista Price leads our firm as we provide a broad range of family law counsel, including representation for restraining orders, to those in and around Denver. We are well-versed in the laws governing restraining orders and know how to effectively communicate on behalf of our clients. Additionally, we have built strong working relationships within the Denver legal community, which translates into a firsthand understanding of how the system operates.

While knowledge and experience are important, you also want to work with a Denver restraining order lawyer with whom you feel comfortable. At Price Family Law we have a reputation for treating our clients like family. We appreciate the stress associated with their situations and are known for communicating compassionately.

The combination of our experience, our outstanding approach to service, and our commitment to helping clients through the most trying of times are why so many reach out to us for assistance.

What We Will Do For You

We Know How to Get a Protective Order in Colorado

When your life seems to be reeling out of control, engaging Price Family Law can provide a sense of calm. As your Denver restraining order lawyers, we will manage the process from start to finish.  You can rely on us to:

  • Devise a strategy for your case
  • Complete the required forms
  • Submit specific facts that show why you are seeking a restraining order
  • Submit the completed forms to the local county clerk.

While we provide full legal assistance, your choices in life are what guide the process:  the final decision in how we move forward always belongs to you.

Common Questions for Our Protection Order Lawyer in Denver

We Address Your Concerns

Our clients can trust that we will always be available to answer their questions. Below are FAQs regarding protection orders in Denver, along with our responses.

How long do protection orders last in Colorado?

It depends on the type of protective order in play. Temporary Protective Orders (TRO) remain in place for two weeks initially and can later be extended, pending a hearing at which our Denver restraining order lawyer can provide representation. Civil protective orders (CPO) occur when victims have concerns about their safety and law enforcement is not investigating the situation from a criminal standpoint. These  may last for up to a year or longer. Mandatory Protective Orders (MPO) occur  when the target of the order is facing criminal charges. These remain in effect until the criminal case concludes. Finally, Permanent Protective Order (PPO) can last indefinitely until the impacted parties agree to change it.

What proof do you need for a restraining order in Colorado?

According to the Colorado Judicial Branch, you will need to describe the facts and circumstances leading you to seek the order.  If the situation is abusive,  you may submit injury  photographs or a list of the medical appointments made for treatment. For  verbal threats, list exactly what was said as proof for the restraining order. A protection order lawyer in Denver can help you complete all forms.

What does an emergency protective order do?

Colorado emergency protective orders place immediate limitations on the behaviors and actions of the target party, according to Colorado statute § 13-14-103. As the person filing for the protection order, you can prevent the other party from being able to contact, harass, intimidate, threaten, touch, stalk, and abuse. Based on some orders, the target of the EPO may not be able to enter the family home. Talk to your Denver restraining order attorney for more details.

What if you need an emergency protective order in Colorado?

An emergency protective order provides victims immediate protection from others. The Colorado Judicial Branch specifies that the victim must be in imminent danger to receive an emergency order. You and your Denver restraining order lawyer may be able to seek the emergency order via telephone if time is of the essence.  Law enforcement officers responding to an incident also can initiate an emergency restraining order process on your behalf. While the emergency order is in place, you and your attorney can begin working toward seeking a more permanent type of protective order.

How do emergency protection orders work?

EPOs function similarly to other protection orders. However, emergency orders can be effected more quickly.  Law enforcement officers (not you) will serve the target of the order with the papers. In cases like this, as long as the target is aware of the existence of the emergency order, he or she must abide by it, even if they have not yet received the hard copy.

These are just a sample of the many questions that may come to mind; we are happy to answer others. Contact us to schedule your free consultation.

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Our Team Can Handle All Aspects of Family Law

Our protection order lawyer is also skilled in serving as a child custody attorney and divorce lawyer in Denver, making them adept at handling divorce and custody modification cases. At Price Family Law, our team is experienced in all aspects of family law in Colorado.

We appreciate that contentious break ups can be highly stressful; we are known for bringing a sense of calm to volatile situations and providing high quality legal counsel.

No one enters a relationship expecting to need a restraining order but, unfortunately, some relationships end this way.

If you are in an unstable situation and believe you need a protection order, reach out to our team today. We appreciate the urgency of issues like this and are available to meet with you immediately. Contact Price Family Law at 720-615-1750 to schedule a free consultation.

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