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“It’s with great pleasure to recommend Trista for any complex Family Law matter. Her attention to detail, impeccable memory, and thorough skillset in the courtroom explains why it was apparent Judges respect and listen to her. Complex cases can be challenging when small details can make or break the outcome, and with Trista leading the strategy, I was fortunate to have a favorable outcome. Her investment in her clients cases is sincere and genuine. I was happy with the outcome, while she was critical of herself wanting more in OUR case (she’s in it for you and your family more than I’ve seen any other attorney invest in their families). Opposing counsel in this case was a stereotypical type of attorney. One who liked to play on words, make assumptions and toe the line of transparency and honesty. Trista was phenomenal at weeding through the drama, their smoke and mirrors courtroom show, and keep the facts of the law clear and concise to the court. At the end of the day, this approach has won her a lot of credibility with Judges across many counties. A factor to consider when you’re looking for representation in the family courtroom is who has good rapport with the Judges, not who’s the “bulldog”… although, I’d definitely say she was a “bulldog” in my case as well since nothing seemed to rattle or distract her. Trista is laser sharp and highly recommended.” ~ D.

“Best decision I made was hiring Trista to handle my parenting time dispute.” ~ Travis Smith

“I absolutely loved Trista and her paralegal Charlie!! They worked very hard, were very professional, yet completely down-to-earth. A divorce frazzles anyone, and to be lost in a sea of legal chaos where you have no idea what the hell is going on, is terrifying. Trista and Charlie completely took care of me like good friends. (I actually STILL feel like they are good friends!) Not only did I come out of the divorce with an unbelievable settlement, the two of them made the process bearable, held my hand through everything. I would HIGHLY recommend her as a divorce attorney, and would use her a million times over. Thank you both SOOOO much!!!” ~ E.

“Trista was SO helpful with my divorce! She worked around the clock to help make things right for me.” ~ S.J.

Everything I needed and More! I have to admit, when I first met Trista, I was a bit concerned about how young and nice she looked. I knew my divorce was going to be extremely unpleasant and dealing with my ex was going to require someone stronger than I was feeling at that time. Let me tell you, Trista more than held her own in my case and I am so grateful that she, her assistant Charlie and named partner Todd were all on my side. Trista was incredibly knowledgeable with my very complicated situation. Aside from a very hostile situation with my ex, I was trying to move my child out of state and was also trying to protect an out of state trust I had just inherited. As I said, it was very complicated. Trista considered every option and strategy, getting insight from other experts (out of state trust attorneys, etc.,) as needed. She thoughtfully created our plan, clearly explained everything to me and had tremendous patience when my resolve waivered. Trista and Charlie both handled my fear, frustration and anger with grace, and kept me laughing and feeling secure during the darkest of times. Trista was always available to me via phone, email or text and I never felt like I was on my own. She was extraordinarily ethical and always took the moral high ground. At the end of the case, having had Trista on my side, I felt that we had conducted ourselves with the utmost integrity. I have referred Trista several times, would recommend her to anyone and would absolutely use her again if I had the need. She and Charlie continue to be there for me if and when I need them and have become friends and cheerleaders for me and my child. Hiring Trista, Charlie and Todd was a great move!” ~ S.

“I had a really nasty divorce case and hired Trista. She was a god send. Became my friend and support. Very ethical. Fought tooth and nail for me! Always answers the phone. Would highly recommend her to anyone!” ~ K.

Honest. Prompt. Knowledgeable. Outstanding!! There aren’t enough words to describe how highly I recommend Trista Price. She took me on as a client shortly after my Child Custody hearing, and made my transition absolutely painless. Because of how vindictive my ex and his family are, my current husband and I chose to keep a retainer in the firm for Trista. Thankfully we did, because shortly after our Child Custody case closed… my husband and I were dragged into the court room by my ex’s parents. Even though that matter was civil, and we had to retain a different attorney (of course in the same firm, recommended) Trista still stood beside us. She knew instantly that their case was a retribution from my ex and I’s Child Custody Case, and that it could potentially end up hurting our child in the long run. She kept in touch through the entire thing, and even asked how our daughter is doing. All torts were dropped in that case, but it was a great example of why we are ever so happy to stick with Trista. She is very prompt and attentive when it comes to phone calls and emails, but most importantly extremely knowledgeable with law. You can tell without a doubt she is compassionate about what she does. I’m thankful to have her as an attorney and wish anyone on the other side of her the best of luck, because she knows very well what she’s doing.” ~ Anonymous

“Amazing Advice and Attitude! Trista was so very helpful in a very tough situation in my life. She offered sound solutions and was always by the phone waiting to help with questions or advice. It has been tough for me to find someone like Trista that is not only willing to help but will also look after your best interest financially in giving advice. She negotiated a quick deal for me regarding a divorce/child visitation issue. No court necessary! If you are a father needing help, please use Trista! Thank You Trista!” ~ T.

“AWESOME Attorney!!!!” Yes, having been a client of Trista this is how I rate her and this is why: I was recently involved in a Modification to Spousal Maintenance which had turned rather nasty. To further complicate matters, I was living and working abroad and had just became unemployed. For months, I worked with an Attorney from a law firm which shall remain nameless, and had never been so stressed as I saw my life, both emotionally and financially, going down the tubes. In an act of desperation, I searched AVVO for another firm to handle my case. Enter Ms. Trista, Associate Attorney, and almost immediately my situation changed. Working with her on my case, I soon found her to be extremely competent, exceptionally responsive, as well as very personable, direct and informative, in other words everything I had hoped for in an attorney. Along with Mr. Charlie Shisler, Senior Paralegal, they soon earned my trust and respect to the point that, even though the relationship was always professional, both Trista and Charlie made me feel as if I was dealing with friends after each correspondence. As for me, well my stress levels dropped to the point where I no longer worried about how my case was being handled, they were that good. And in the end, having never met in person, an 8-hour time difference, dealing only through emails and telephone calls, to include having me attend mediation and trial telephonically from 8000 miles away, they won my case, with an outcome better than I could ever have imagined. So, if you want the best, someone with an unmatched work ethic, someone who will aggressively represent you, then I highly recommend Trista Price.” ~ G.

“I like to conduct all business in a fair manner without much emotion. This is the second time I have used Trista for family legal matters which can be very emotional. I appreciated the way that she is matter of fact, represents both sides fairly and conducts business quickly. Both myself and my ex-wife feel like everything was fair – that doesn’t happen very often – and my ex-wife and are dislike each other intensely – so any negotiation is always difficult. The old saying that a negotiation is only successful when both parties feel cheated is not true when you work with Trista. I think Trista has a good way of holding all parties to a high level of integrity which makes the outcome easier to accept and not second-guess. If I ever need further family legal services – I will use Trista again.” ~ M.

“Like so many people, I found myself in a divorce and custody battle. I was in the unusual position of having my two daughters already living with me full time, and having to fight to keep them. It was the most terrifying process I’ve been through, and hiring an attorney was almost as unsettling. I interviewed three attorneys in person, and a number of others over the phone. I knew Trista was the one within 5 minutes. She doesn’t come across as a lawyer, but rather a person that cares and wants to help. I almost immediately felt as though everything was going to be ok. I explained my situation, what I was trying to accomplish, and asked if that was legally feasible. Trista didn’t lie to me, she didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear, just very honest and kind straight forward legal advice. She told me what the law stated about my particular set of circumstances, and thought we had an extremely good chance of achieving my desired outcome. One of the biggest things I was impressed with was the communication. Every phone call or email I made was either answered or returned shortly after by Trista herself. I never spoke to an assistant or secretary. Near the end of my case Trista actually gave me her personal cell phone number, which I’m not sure if everyone gets, but I was certainly appreciative. Not only did we get the outcome we had hoped for at the outset, I actually got more than I had asked. I know it’s easy to say how amazing your attorney is when you win, however, the entire process was pretty easy and a lot less intimidating. Trista talked me through every step, gave me spot on advice, flawless communication, and proactive planning made this a great experience under the circumstances. Thank you, Trista, for everything you did for my girls and I.” ~ B.

Attorney Trista Price

Trista McElhaney Price is a founding partner at Price Family Law, LLC. She specializes in high-asset divorce cases and legal matters involving complex business and financial issues as well as complex custody matters involving domestic violence, substance abuse issues, and mental health issues. Read Full Bio.

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