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Denver High-Asset Divorce Attorney

Divorce between high-net-worth individuals is complicated; thus, engaging Denver high-asset divorce attorneys is recommended. You want to work with professionals who are experienced in situations like yours and understand the unique concerns they present.

Price Family Law has a breadth of experience with cases like this. Clients rely on us to seamlessly use our relationships with appraisers, valuation analysts, forensic accountants, and other experts as we represent their complex divorce cases.

We can help preserve your wealth and manage your divorce appropriately. Contact us at (720) 615-1750.

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Why Choose Us

Divorce is overwhelming.  As a high-net-worth individual, you have a specific set of concerns. Engaging the right professionals can make a very real difference.

You want to work with a firm with experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are attentive, committed, and compassionate. This describes Price Family Law.  Led by Trista Price, we have over a decade of experience serving high-net-worth clients. Daily, we leverage our legal and financial expertise on their behalf to protect their well-being. This knowledge and experience, combined with our compassionate and detail-focused approach, distinguishes our firm. When you work with us, you will be treated with the respect and compassion that our own family members would receive.

What Our High-Asset Divorce Attorney in Denver Can Do for You

As a client of Price Family Law, you can expect that we will handle every step of your divorce on your behalf. We will:

  • Gain an understanding of your situation
  • Conduct  in-depth analyses of your finances
  • Accurately classify and value your assets
  • Work with all involved parties  (attorneys, mediators, financial professionals)
  • Identify and communicate your wishes regarding financial separations, child support, parenting plans, and alimony
  • Negotiate an acceptable settlement
  • Draft a divorce agreement
  • File all appropriate paperwork.

We are available to answer questions and will always keep you updated on the status of your divorce. No terms or decisions will be accepted without your approval. Because we are not emotionally involved in your situation, we can provide you with calm, reasonable, rational, and legally sound advice.

Asset Division Can be Challenging

Price Family Law bases all recommendations on  property division according to the applicable Colorado laws. These laws outline specific rules that must be followed, such as:

  • Determining what is considered property
  • Classifying items as separate or marital property
  • Calculating how much each spouse led to the acquisition of all marital property
  • Identifying true and fair value for all property
  • Ensuring that all marital property is divided as equitably as possible.

While all asset divisions must meet the guidelines set by the state, some gray areas give our high-net-worth divorce attorneys a bit of “wiggle room” to find solutions that work with the statute while also providing you with an agreeable outcome.

Denver High-Asset-Divorce FAQs

High-net-worth individuals considering divorce have many questions. Our team of attorneys at Price Family Law have shared some more general concerns they hear, along with their answers.

What if I have a prenuptial agreement?

These agreements can help expedite the process. However, it is not unusual for one spouse to contest the documentation, delaying the divorce proceedings.  Our Denver high-net-worth divorce attorneys can help uphold your prenuptial agreement or challenge one that is believed to be unfair.

What will happen to my business?

The answer to these important questions depends on how the business is classified (separate property, marital property, or a combination of the two). Our Denver high-net-worth divorce attorneys will help to ensure the business is classified appropriately and your financial interests are well-represented.

How is my retirement fund handled?

Federal laws will help determine how your retirement fund should be divided, depending on how long you were married, how much money is in your retirement accounts, and whether your spouse contributes to your account.  Our high-net-worth divorce lawyers will carefully review all aspects of your retirement fund and will work tirelessly to protect it for you.

Can we protect my privacy?

Yes, we can take steps to help protect your privacy, although some information will legally be available to the public. We recognize the importance of confidentiality and will do everything in our power to help maintain your privacy at this difficult time.

Will I have to pay support for my ex-spouse and children?

Alimony (spousal support) and/or child support calculations are dependent upon the circumstances of your divorce. It is reasonable to expect that the higher earners may be required to pay alimony and more child support. Our Denver divorce attorneys can review this with you.

These are just a few common questions surrounding high-asset divorces in Denver. Contact our team to schedule a free consultation during which we can address your more specific concerns.

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Divorce, especially for high-net-worth individuals, is serious. Our team is ready to go to work for you. We recognize that each situation is unique — details matter. When representing you we leave no stone unturned and work tirelessly to ensure we have a complete understanding of your current situation and goals for the future.

Considering divorce? If so, contact us at (720) 615-1750 as soon as possible. In situations like this, time can be incredibly valuable. Let us leverage it on your behalf. We recognize the anxiety and stress present when making big life decisions and look forward to seamlessly managing this process for you.

Attorney Trista Price

Trista McElhaney Price is a founding partner at Price Family Law, LLC. She specializes in high-asset divorce cases and legal matters involving complex business and financial issues as well as complex custody matters involving domestic violence, substance abuse issues, and mental health issues. Read Full Bio.

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