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Hiring Our Child Support Lawyer in Denver Is an Investment in Your Family’s Future

Engaging our experienced child support lawyer is an important step in ensuring your family is protected. Divorce is the dissolution of a marriage — but it does not erase parental responsibilities or rights. Children of divorce are innocent bystanders who often suffer because of the unwillingness or inability of their parents to support them. Having legally enforceable child support plans that provide appropriately for your children is critical for their future.

Our Denver Child Support Lawyer Represents Your Interests

Marriages can end. Parenting does not. Post-divorce, parents are still responsible for the emotional and financial care of their children. Child support is a payment from one parent to the other to provide that financial care for their children.

Our legal team at Price Family Law is experienced in handling child support cases. We can help draft appropriate and reasonable agreements designed to reduce tension and avoid arguments. We work to protect you and your children. We also will review agreements submitted by your ex-spouse to determine if they are fair and will adequately provide for your children.

Determining financial child support can be contentious.

Divorce can be difficult, as can structuring custody agreements, but when it comes to the financial needs of you and your children, negotiating a child support agreement can be challenging. We will fight to protect you and your children’s interests when problems arise. We stand ready to help when existing child support agreements are not upheld. Ensuring your children will be well cared for and protecting their rights are our goals. Find out how we can help you. Contact our Denver child support lawyer today at 720-615-1750 for your free consultation.

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Our Experienced Child Support Attorney Provides Trustworthy Services and Peace of Mind

Creating a plan to ensure that your children are well taken care of is perhaps the most important thing you, as a parent, must do. It is also often an incredibly emotional process. The team at Price Family Law understands and appreciates this. Our child support attorney knows that the combination of finances and children is sensitive.

imgWe pride ourselves on our ability to be a calming presence during child support negotiations. Because we are not emotionally involved in your relationship, we can offer objective and professional advice and counsel designed to ensure that the agreement reached is fair and appropriate for both your children and your unique situation.

Our Denver Child Support Lawyer Explains

What Is Child Support?

When couples divorce, they tend to live separately. Child support ensures that minor children are cared for after this happens, because separate living spaces means two sets of bills to keep both households going. When the custodial parent experiences a loss of what may have been shared income to cover those bills, child support can make up the difference. These payments are typically ongoing and cover both basic and extraordinary expenses.

Basic expenses covered by child support include, but are not limited to:

  • Housing (rent or mortgage assistance)
  • Food (grocery bills)
  • School lunch (if students buy)
  • Clothing
  • Medical care
  • Dental care
  • Specialty care (for children with special needs).

Extraordinary expenses are those extras that tend to arise periodically. These include, but are not limited to:

  • School expenses (field trips, supplies, and tutoring)
  • Private lessons (music, dance, sports training, art)
  • Activity equipment (uniforms, instruments, supplies).

To maintain some sense of normalcy for children, costs for these activities will likely be split among divorced parents proportionally, based on their incomes. Additionally, when it comes to raising children, we need to expect the unexpected. Things always seem to come up. The courts know this as well. Thus, when determining the amount of payments, child support agreements usually include a plan for paying for these unexpected costs.

How Is Child Support Determined in Colorado?

Child support arrangements are not randomly determined. In fact, Colorado has Child Support Guidelines that provide a baseline from which child support agreements can be built. The state has developed worksheets that can be used as a starting point in the process. These guidelines consider the gross incomes of the parents, expenses, living arrangements (nights spent with each parent), any child income, and other child support/alimony agreements. Our Denver child support attorney can share in-depth insight into this process.

Understanding How Gross Income Affects Child Support Calculations

Child support calculations begin with a look at both parents’ gross (before tax) incomes. The components of gross income include but are not limited to salary (including commission, tips, and bonuses), certain investment income (trust, capital gains, annuities, dividends), retirement benefits and pensions, unemployment, workers comp and disability, monetary gifts and prizes, business income, and social security.

Among the items not included when determining gross income are public assistance benefits, income from jobs that are performed in addition to a full-time position, minors’ social security benefits, child support, and recognized gains on IRAs unless distributed. These lists are not inclusive and can be confusing.

Talk to our child support attorney for a complete accounting and further information on how gross income calculations are made.

Additionally, employment in general, especially in these uncertain economic times, can be unreliable. Our attorney can explain how situations of unemployment and underemployment are determined and managed. A change in job status or income can impact the amount of child support payments.

Child Support Issues Are Complicated

Our Denver Child Support Lawyers Answer Your Questions

The team at Price Family Law recognizes and appreciates that each child support agreement is going to be unique.

No two families are exactly alike; thus income, expenses, and child support agreements will differ.

We look at each case as a stand-alone, without any preconceived notions. We also know that answers to questions will differ depending upon who is asking them.

That said, we are regularly approached with questions that have standard answers. The responses can help those grappling with child custody better understand how the process works and what to expect. Below, we have shared some of the most frequently asked questions and our professionals’ responses to them.

In general, there is. For example, if your children reside primarily with the parent who earns more money, that parent may not need to pay child support (depending upon the earnings of the other parent). Conversely, if your children reside for more time with the lower-earning parent, the higher-earning parent may be responsible for more significant child support payments. The amount of these payments will, of course, depend upon the living arrangements, the income of both parents, and associated expenses. Our child support lawyer can look at your specific situation and provide more information about what you can expect. If you have concerns about custody issues, we can help. Talk to our child custody lawyer about your situation to find out what we can do for you.

Not really. The recipient of the child support is responsible for determining how to spend that money. If you are concerned that your payments are being spent irresponsibly, or your child is not receiving the full benefit of them, you can go to court and request accounting records. You may be responsible for the cost of preparing any associated documents. It is important to understand that this request is approved only in certain situations. The request for records is not commonly accommodated.

In Colorado, child support is generally required until a minor child turns 19 (or becomes emancipated).

Because the majority of college expenses occur after a child turns 19, they are not a standard part of child support agreements. If both parents agree to pay for this level of education, it can be included in a child support agreement. However, if one parent refuses to help pay tuition or other college expenses during the child support agreement process, the courts cannot require payment for this.

Child support agreements created in court are legally enforceable. If you are not receiving support as ordered, our child support attorney can help. Penalties are considerable and may include an assessment of 12% annual interest compounded monthly, repayment of attorney’s fees and even being held in contempt of court.

Yes, in Colorado the courts can garnish wages to pay child support. The organization that does this is Child Support Services. Depending upon your situation, garnishment can be ongoing (money taken from each paycheck over a period of time) or a one-time action. If you have not paid your child support, other sources of income can be seized, including, but not limited to, unemployment compensation, worker’s compensation, and tax refunds.

Absolutely. There are a couple of reasons why. First, while your relationship at this point in time is good, there is no guarantee that this will be the case in the future. As circumstances change, so do the interactions between people. New relationships may develop, and a host of issues can arise. Child support agreements are enforceable by law only if they are part of a court order.

Yes, if the circumstances under which the original order was developed have changed, and the resulting financial responsibility would either increase or decrease 10% or more, you can request a modification. Some circumstances under which this would happen could be a new job, increase or reduction in salary, increased or decreased needs (like a young child no longer needing daycare), or even a change to your custody agreement which affects the amount of time the child spends with each parent. Colorado Revised Statutes Section 14-10-122 details the law regarding changes in child support payments.

This list of questions is not all-encompassing. You will likely have a host of others. Feel free to contact our child support lawyer at The Price Family Law Firm and schedule a free consultation. We can review your situation, answer your questions, and help you determine how to proceed.

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    Determining child support can be challenging, and, unfortunately, not all parties communicate honestly in negotiations to create child support agreements. The value of having experienced child support lawyers representing you is considerable. Our professionals understand how child support in Colorado is determined, and we know the laws in place to enforce agreements. We will ensure they protect the best interests of your children, as well as your rights. If litigation becomes necessary, count on our child support attorneys to know the local court systems and how they operate.

    Work with an experienced lawyer who is invested in your situation and available to you when needed. At Price Family Law, we are committed to providing our clients the highest quality, thoughtful service.

    We will leverage our experience to ensure fair child support agreements are reached and that the interests of you and your child are always protected.

    And, if your ex is violating your previously determined agreement, we will fight to have it enforced.

    We pay attention to detail. What seems minor today can become a major issue as time goes by. The information you share about your situation and family is incredibly valuable. We listen actively to identify what is important so we can provide you with the best possible legal representation.

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    If you are going through a divorce, you need high-quality counsel and service from a professional that has your best interests at heart. Your best option is our skilled Denver child support lawyer at Price Law Firm. Contact us today for a free consultation at 720-615-1750. We will gain a better understanding of your specific situation and discuss how we can represent you. We are ready to go to work for you and help you through this difficult time.