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Couples who wed believe they are entering into forever relationships. Unfortunately, the circumstances surrounding marriages sometimes result in a desire to move on, separately.

In many instances, divorce is the appropriate action. However, under very specific conditions, some couples may be able to have their marriage annulled which negates the union. For the sake of simplicity, it is like the marriage never existed.

Procuring an annulment is complicated and confusing; it should not be pursued without the assistance of a seasoned Denver annulment attorney.

Our team at Price Family Law is experienced in helping individuals interested in obtaining  annulments. Our understanding of the law and the legal process surrounding this action, combined with our appreciation of the emotional impact of this decision, makes us the firm of choice for many in Denver and the surrounding area looking to embark on this significant life change.

If you are considering dissolving your  marriage and believe an annulment may be the best choice for you, contact us today at 720-615-1750.  We offer all potential clients a free consultation during which we can learn more about their specific situations and they can better understand how we can help them achieve their goals.

Why Engage Price Family Law’s Denver Annulment Attorneys

We Are Uniquely Suited to Manage Your Case

Ending a marriage through an annulment is especially challenging, both legally and emotionally. The circumstances under which this is a viable option are complicated, and the legal process can be overwhelming. And, because an annulment will impact your life forever, you want to work with Denver annulment lawyers who are experienced family attorneys, who have an in-depth understanding of the law, who provide an approach to service that matches your expectations, and who have a superior reputation. This is a major undertaking, one which you should not attempt to manage on your own.

Below are some of the reasons our clients have elected to work with us.

  • Extensive Experience: Our founding attorney, Trista Price, leads a team of exemplary professionals with decades of experience in Colorado family law. They understand the laws governing annulment and have helped countless individuals pursue this action as an end to their marriages.
  • Working Knowledge of the Local Legal System: While experience is critical, recognizing how the local courts operate regarding annulments is an important factor in providing outstanding service. Trista and her team know the local court system, other attorneys, and judges — they work with them every day. Their understanding of how to positively impact the process is considerable; it’s an asset which they leverage on behalf of their clients.
  • Personalized Client Service Approach: Our firm was founded on the belief that each and every client deserves hands-on service tailored to their specific needs. No two marriages are alike, nor are the reasons for their demise. Each situation in which an annulment is appropriate is unique and deserves to be treated as such. Our team takes great pride in providing our clients with the same level of service we would offer our family members. Your case is important to us.
  • Stellar Reputation: As a family law firm, the value we provide resides in the knowledge, experience, and skills of our team. The greatest testament to our success is the satisfaction of those for whom we work. In Denver and the surrounding areas, we are well-known for the high level of service we provide. Our goals extend far beyond guiding you through the annulment process. They encompass treating you with dignity and respect and serving as a resource for your concerns. We are always available to answer your questions; clear, compassionate, and timely communication is a hallmark of what we do.

Because embarking on an annulment is incredibly personal, we offer all our prospective clients a free consultation. While these meetings provide us with important information regarding your case, they also offer you the chance to see how we operate. We are committed to providing the same high level of communication and care you will see during your consultation throughout the entirety of your case.  Contact us today to schedule this meeting and see, firsthand, just how powerfully we can support you.

How We Can Positively Impact Your Annulment Process

We Handle All Aspects of Your Case, From Beginning to End

The decision to end a marriage is never easy, and determining the best way to do just that can be confusing. For some, seeking an annulment is the best choice. However, determining if you are a candidate for this option and managing the associated legal process can be mind-boggling. Engaging an experienced and reputable Denver annulment lawyer is a wise choice. This is not a road to travel alone.

At Price Family Law, we know what to do and how to do it. We work hard to provide our clients with quality advice while minimizing the stress involved with the legal process.  As your Denver annulment attorney, you can rely on us to:

  • Provide an initial no-cost consultation allowing you to understand how we would approach your case
  • Gain a complete understanding of your personal situation
  • Confirm that your marriage is indeed a candidate for annulment
  • Identify evidence to be used in court
  • Plan for a financial separation (depending upon the reason for the annulment, support may or may not be appropriate)
  • Draft a parenting plan (if minor children are involved)
  • Complete all appropriate paperwork and file it in a timely fashion, ensuring we comply with the statute of limitations
  • Represent you in front of a judge.

As a third party providing legal services, we are not personally involved in either the ending of the marriage or the reasons why. This provides us with a valuable perspective. We can offer advice and guidance not clouded by the emotions of the situation. We are proud of the reputation we have earned for serving as a calming force during the most trying of situations.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Annulments in Denver

Our Denver Annulment Attorney Provides Answers to Your Concerns

The laws governing annulments in Colorado are complex, and the process to obtain one is arduous. Those considering this option have many questions. Below are some of those raised most often, along with our responses.

What is the difference between an annulment and a divorce?

An annulment voids a marriage; it’s as if it never happened.  On the other hand, a divorce ends a marriage. Your Denver annulment attorney can help ascertain if your situation is eligible for an annulment or if you need to file for divorce instead.

Is there a statute of limitations to file for an annulment?

Yes, in Colorado there is, and it varies based on the reason for the annulment. That said, under certain circumstances you would have only 6 months in which to file. Your Denver annulment lawyer can discuss the statute of limitations for your specific situation with you.

Do you need to be married for a specific length of time to seek an annulment?

No, you do not. There is no minimum time frame necessary to seek an annulment in Colorado.

I want to have my marriage annulled, but I have children. How would this impact child support?

Regardless of how you end your marriage (through divorce or annulment) the same laws and guidelines apply to  child support and parenting time. Both will be determined by what is in the best interests of the child. Working with a Denver annulment lawyer who is well-versed in both of these issues is in your best interests if you have children.

Does fraud impact the division of marital property?

If you are seeking an annulment based on fraud and can prove it, it could affect property division. Your Denver annulment attorney can review your situation and explain what you may expect.

Of course, these are only a few of the concerns you may have.  Reach out to our Denver annulment lawyers today to schedule a no-cost consultation.  During this meeting, we can address all of your questions.

Annulment in Colorado

Understanding the Legal Grounds

The decision to end your marriage likely followed much discussion and introspection. In Colorado, marriages can be ended through divorce or annulment.

Obtaining an annulment is more difficult than simply getting a divorce.

In order to have your marriage invalidated, you must prove one of the following seven things:

  • Age of Consent: One of the spouses was under the age of 18 and did not have permission from a judge, their parent, or guardian to get married.
  • Duress: There was pressure to marry – from one of the spouses or another party.
  • Fraud: One spouse misrepresented something about themselves that goes to the essence of the marriage. Basically, one spouse used fraud to convince the other to get married.
  • Consent: One of the spouses was not able to legally consent to getting married because they were drunk, using drugs, or experiencing mental health issues.
  • Consummation: One spouse was unaware of the other’s inability to consummate the marriage.
  • Joke: The marriage occurred as a joke or a dare.
  • Parties Legally Unable to Wed: The spouses are either blood relatives or one is committing bigamy (married to another individual).

Trista Price and her team will review your personal situation to determine if any of these factors exist.  If so, they will gather evidence to use as proof and help you to pursue an annulment of your marriage.

Attorney Trista Price

Trista McElhaney Price is a founding partner at Price Family Law, LLC. She specializes in high-asset divorce cases and legal matters involving complex business and financial issues as well as complex custody matters involving domestic violence, substance abuse issues, and mental health issues. Read Full Bio.

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    Going forward with an annulment is a weighty decision. If successful, you will, in fact, invalidate your marriage; in the eyes of the law, it will be like it never happened.  Because of the seriousness of this action and the complexity of the legal process, engaging an experienced and reputable Denver annulment attorney is in your best interests. This professional can help determine whether your situation is appropriate for annulment and, if it is, provide you with the guidance and counsel you need to impact a positive outcome.

    Our team at Price Family Law has hands-on experience representing individuals pursuing annulments. We are consummate professionals who are committed to helping you achieve your goals while minimizing the anxiety and stress that accompany the process.

    Your future is important. Working with the right professionals can help protect it.  We look forward to working with you toward a brighter tomorrow. Reach out to us today at 720-615-1750 to schedule a free consultation.