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Changing Your Child Support Agreement

As Life Evolves, Your Needs Change

When you initially negotiated and signed your child support agreement, you likely breathed a sigh of relief. The idea that things were settled may have alleviated the stress that often accompanies divorce or separation and the decisions that must be made along with it.

But as time passes, things rarely stay the same, and the circumstances surrounding your initial child support agreement may be significantly different today. Perhaps you pay child support and you have experienced a major decrease in income. Or maybe you are on the receiving end, and your childcare expenses have increased noticeably.

Significant changes in the circumstances that were used initially to determine your child support are a reasonable cause for requesting a change.

Going about this process can be challenging — when money is involved things are rarely simple. And there are laws surrounding child support modification. If you believe your situation qualifies for a change, engaging an experienced child support lawyer should be your first step.

At Price Family Law, our team is well-versed in family law in general and the ins and outs of child support, including modifications, specifically. We have a reputation for working closely with our clients and advocating for their needs as if they were our own. Reach out to our firm today at 720-615-1750 to schedule a free consultation. Once we learn more about your situation, we can share how we can best help you.

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Understanding Child Support Agreements and Modifications

Child Support Modification Lawyers: What Child Support Determines

When you and your spouse have minor children and decide to divorce or formally separate, you enter the world of legal proceedings. Together with your legal custody lawyer and divorce attorneys, you likely created a plan that outlined child support for your children.

In making this important decision, the courts begin with the Colorado Child Support Guidelines which state that the following information should be used when determining child support.

  • Parental gross income (pre-tax)
  • Time spent with each parent (measured in overnights)
  • Costs (childcare, healthcare, etc.)
  • Income from the child
  • Emancipation
  • Relocation
  • Other expenses (additional child support for children from different relationships, alimony, etc.).

When determining child support, the needs of the child are often considered. Protecting children and ensuring them the best possible upbringing is the primary concern of the court system. As such, when making this determination, additional aspects of life are taken into account. These include the emotional and physical needs of the child, as well as the way in which the child would have lived (standard of living), had the parents remained together. A skilled parent custody lawyer can guide you through this complex process to ensure the best outcome for your child’s future.

The final determination of child support payments (which are overseen by Child Support Services) are laid out in the documents provided by the court. These also include how the support should be paid, and the payment periods (monthly, etc.)

It is important to recognize that child support payments are mandated by law. Failure to pay can result in legal action, including liens on property and wage garnishment. In some cases, the parent who neglects to pay can be charged with contempt of court punishable by fines and jail time. Additionally, those who fail to pay could have their driver’s license suspended and become unable to receive a passport.

Financial hardship is not a reason to simply stop paying child support. If this is the case in your situation, you need to engage a child support attorney and legally apply for modifications.

Child Support Modifications Are a Fact of Life

Change is common. As children grow and divorced and separated individuals begin their new lives, we would be remiss to believe that all the factors relating to income and child support would remain static. Quite simply, things do not say the same. When either the needs of the children or the ability of the parent to pay change, child support modifications become necessary.

In order to facilitate the process and protect both your interests and those of your minor children, working with a reputable child support attorney is necessary. These professionals understand family law in Colorado and can manage the entire process on your behalf. Protect yourself and your children and leverage the knowledge and experience of the attorneys at Price Family Law.

How Do I Modify a Child Support Agreement in CO?

The first step in modifying a child support agreement in Colorado is engaging a knowledgeable and skilled child support lawyer. At Price Family Law, we are well-versed in Colorado law, experienced in dealing with the local courts, and highly regarded for our approach to client service.

We recognize the host of emotions present when it comes to child support. As the parent who receives the funds, you are dependent upon these payments to appropriately care for your children. And, as the parent who pays child support, you know your support is necessary, and we appreciate the impact the payments have on your life and ability to support yourself.

The need for changes, for any reason, can be frustrating; and the idea of having to interact with your ex, once again, regarding an issue that may become adversarial can be incredibly stressful.

Not only do we appreciate the host of emotions at play, but we also recognize how unique each and every situation is. No two families are alike, and the factors used in accounting for child support are considerable and personal. Additionally, we understand that seemingly insignificant issues can play a major role in either child support needs or one’s ability to pay. As such, we take the time to pay attention to detail and help our clients highlight them as they address the modification process.

How to Win a Child Support Modification Case

Child Support Modification Frequently Asked Questions

Questions regarding child support modification are commonplace. The subject is important and the answers to questions can help determine the course of the future. Below, family law attorneys from Price Family Law address some of the questions we hear most often.

Well, it depends upon your situation and that of your family. What are the reasons you wish to make a change? Are they significant and valid? If you are asking for an increase in support payments, would the additional money make your child’s life better? If you need to decrease your payments, can you prove a change to your financial position, or a decrease in your child’s financial need? If you can answer these questions with a resounding yes, you may be able to modify your current support agreement. However, you cannot simply make these changes on your own. You would need to follow the laws of Colorado and file all appropriate paperwork. A child support attorney can help you through this process.

There are many circumstances that would result in a need for modifications to your child support agreement. These include, but are not limited to changes in:

  • the income of either parent (a significant increase or decrease)
  • parenting time (custody agreements)
  • illness or injury (to either of the parents or the child)
  • insurance needs or costs
  • education needs or costs.

Additionally, should the parent paying support have another child, the expenses of raising that child could be taken into account, as would the loss of a major asset such as a home. Each factor would be considered carefully by the courts when determining a possible change.

Requesting a modification to your support agreement is an important decision. If these changes are necessary, you want to do everything you can to have your request approved. In Colorado, there is a legal process in place to standardize these types of changes. Working with a reputable family attorney is in your best interests. You will need to prove that the reasons for the request are valid, and changes that impacted your need or financial position are significant. When you work with Price Family Law, you can be sure that all the necessary paperwork will be filed appropriately and in a timely fashion. You can rely on their experience to properly present and argue your position, if necessary.

The motion to modify child support is a form that you would need to complete and submit, along with other relevant documentation, including a statement that illustrates your financial position. Your requests must be determined by using the Colorado child support change calculator. It is critical that these documents and the information contained in them is presented appropriately — otherwise your motion could be denied. When you work with experienced family law attorneys, you can leverage their knowledge to ensure the information you provide is accurate.

If you are a resident of the state of Colorado, you would file the modification petition in the county where you and your ex originally signed your support agreements.

When you work with us, our attorneys are always available to answer your questions. We appreciate that your specific situation may require more detailed answers than we can provide here. We place a high value on your trust in us and will work tirelessly to help you achieve the outcome you seek.

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Addressing Your Child Support Modification Needs

Our Colorado Child Support Lawyers Are Ready to Help

Have the changes in your life made it necessary to readdress your child support situation? If so, and the changes you wish to make are in the best interests of your child’s well-being, the family law attorneys at Price Family can help you move forward.

We will meet with you to better understand your situation.

One of the hallmarks of our approach to service is taking the time to understand all the factors relating to your case. Details matter — and we pay attention to them.

Once we have a clear picture of your current situation and the changes you wish to make, we can help you submit a petition to modify your child support agreement. This includes completing all necessary paperwork and filing the documents in the appropriate court. We will oversee the entire process and represent you in court if a judge decides a hearing is necessary.

Why Choose Price Family Law?

Quite simply, we have the knowledge, experience, and reputation necessary to help you achieve the best outcome for your family. When you work with our attorneys, you can expect:

  • Hands-on, Responsive Service: We value each of our clients and are committed to providing them the highest quality service. Your questions are important, and you deserve to have them answered in a timely fashion. We encourage our clients to always reach out with concerns; no matter is too small, and no question is silly. Child support modifications impact your family and your future.
  • Attention to Detail: Our family support attorneys are known for paying close attention to the little things. Especially regarding child support, small issues can have major impacts.
  • Experience and Knowledge: We have significant experience serving the Denver community. We are well-versed in Colorado family law and familiar with the local courts and judges. We know how they operate and what they expect; we provide information in a manner that meets their requirements. We will leverage our knowledge on your behalf.

Led by Trista Price, our firm is ready to go to work for you and help you get the modification you need.

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When finances are an issue, you must act immediately. The changes you are requesting are important to the well-being of your family.

We understand time is an issue and are ready to begin work on your case immediately. Reach out to our team today at 720-615-1750 to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to learning more about your family and your situation and sharing how we can best help you.

Child support agreements can be modified. And we can help you present your needs appropriately and effectively to help you move forward.

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