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Price Family Law Property Division Attorneys Protect Your Assets and Your Well-Being

When two people decide to divorce, the list of decisions to be made is lengthy. You are not only ending a marriage, but also beginning two separate lives.

Determining how to divide marital property is often a contentious process, one that requires the assistance and services of a seasoned property division lawyer. 

Even couples who have come to the realization that their relationship is over, and have agreed to separate peacefully, may find themselves at odds when assets and finances come into play. They may simply be unable to agree on what is fair.

We Fight Aggressively for Your Rights

At Price Family Law, our team, including our experienced adoption attorney, is committed to managing all aspects of your divorce, including property division. Our reputation as skilled negotiators is well-earned. In addition to our expertise in divorce cases, we are also a leading adoption lawyer. We adopt our client’s goals as our own and have a proven history of success in ensuring they get what they deserve. The appropriate division of property is critical to individuals in a divorce — they rely on these assets as they move forward in life.

A total understanding of your life while you are married, as well as why you are divorcing, is key to our helping you obtain a favorable division of property. We need to understand the history of your assets, going back to before you were married. Our Denver property division attorneys will take the time necessary to obtain this information. When it comes to finances and property, the smallest details can make the biggest differences. A complete picture will help us to identify exactly what you are entitled to by law and build a case to support your claims. If additional legal advice is necessary, our support lawyer will be readily available to assist you throughout the process.

We know how the laws in Colorado impact property division, and we are ready to help you get all that you deserve. Reach out to our property division lawyers today at 720-615-1750 for a free consultation.

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Why Choose Price Family Law?

Experience, Knowledge, and Approach Make a Difference

The division of property aspect of a divorce is serious — the result can impact you for the rest of your life. It is important that your divorce settlement divides property appropriately. Unfortunately, your ideas of what is fair may differ considerably from those of your soon-to-be ex.  The proceedings involving property division are incredibly complex and often combative.

Selecting the best divorce lawyer to represent you is one of the most important decisions you will make. When you engage the Denver property division lawyers at Price Family Law, you will leverage our:

  • Significant and Specific Experience: We have considerable experience handling divorce cases in Colorado. Some of our clients were married for decades, while others were together only a short while. Many of those with whom we work have a high net worth, but we also represent those with less complex finances. We know how to handle every situation and work tirelessly to protect our clients’ best interests.
  • Knowledge: The laws regarding division of property in Denver are very technical. When combined with the intricate financial positions of many couples, building a case regarding property division can be challenging. Led by attorney Trista Price, the team at Price Family Law is not only well-versed in Colorado family law, but also in the realm of property ownership issues in the state. This combination provides us a unique perspective from which to best serve our clients.
  • Detail-Focused Approach: Experience is crucial, but it alone is not enough, even for the most seasoned property division attorney.  Each divorcing couple is unique: their history, the reasons behind their divorce and the property they own is specific to them and must be understood in order to build a successful case. We take the time necessary to comprehend all aspects of your relationship and the entirety of your asset base to best represent you. You can rely on our team to answer your questions quickly and correctly and to manage the entire divorce process sympathetically. We know that ending a marriage is a big step during which emotions run high. We provide the calming buffer needed to help ensure the process reaches an appropriate conclusion.

At Price Family Law Group, we have earned an excellent reputation as a Denver family lawyer, not only for the successes we have achieved but also for the manner in which we interact with our clients and manage the legal process. Whether you need legal help for custody, are navigating a divorce, or facing another family law issue, we are known for clearly presenting a client’s case, aggressively defending it, and successfully negotiating a settlement. We are known for clearly presenting a client’s case, aggressively defending it, and successfully negotiating a settlement. Reach out to us whenever you have a question. This is your life, and your concerns are always valid.

How We Can Help You

We Understand Your Past and Protect Your Future

Divorce is overwhelming. Your life is undergoing considerable change and getting from point A to point B is both difficult to manage and incredibly stressful. We can help. The team at Price Family Law has the knowledge and experience necessary to manage the property division aspect of your divorce for you. When we represent you, we will:

  • Complete an inventory of all property belonging to you and your spouse
  • Categorize property as marital or separate
  • Valuate all property, working with experts when necessary
  • Identify all your expenses
  • Document your marital standard of living and needs going forward
  • Review prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Negotiate on your behalf with your ex-spouse’s attorney and represent you in front of a judge if necessary.

Divorce law, particularly with regard to property division, is extremely technical.  At Price Family Law our team is experienced and dedicated. Our reputation for high-quality, personalized service is well-earned and well-known. We are ready to go to work for you today and represent you as you prepare for a brighter tomorrow.

Our Property Division Lawyer in Denver Knows Colorado Law

Property Division in Denver: The Basics

After considerable thought and much discussion, you and your spouse have decided to divorce; your marriage is simply no longer working. While a divorce legally ends your marriage, the process is much more involved than simply deciding to separate.

It is more than likely that, when you married, you merged households, including many of your assets.  Additionally, during the time you were married (and perhaps even before), you probably purchased additional items.  Now that you are officially ending your union, all this property must be divided. In a perfect world, this process would be simple, with both individuals agreeing on who gets what.  Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. And laws surrounding the division can make the process even more confusing.

In Colorado, property division is often referred to as equitable distribution. Basically, this is the division of the property, both tangible and intangible, that you own and your debts (sometimes called obligations). In many cases, the division of property can be negotiated between the spouses and a property settlement drafted and signed.  But when an agreement cannot be reached, a judge will make the final decision.

In either case, working with a seasoned property division attorney in Denver is recommended.  This professional can help you determine and prove the value of your property, identify an appropriate division, and defend the facts.

Handling the property division portion of your divorce on your own could result in your unknowingly settling for less than you are entitled to receive. 

Our team is well-versed in valuation and the law and can protect your future.

How Property Is Divided in Denver

Colorado is an equitable distribution state. This means that your property will not simply be split equally between you and your ex. Instead, it will be divided fairly and equitably. The law takes into account a host of factors when determining this, including, but not limited to:

  • How long you were married
  • Standard of living during the marriage
  • Age of both individuals
  • Health of both individuals
  • Changes in property values during the marriage
  • Previous marriages
  • Both Individuals’ financial needs
  • Value of separate property (those items acquired prior to the marriage, not to be divided)
  • Contributions to the marriage (including income earned and caring for children and the home)
  • Value of separate property sold to benefit the couple/family while married
  • Where the custodial parent will live (in the family home)
  • Both individuals’ earning capacities.

Seeing this list and recognizing that other issues may also affect the division, it is not surprising that the process can be frustrating. Working with an attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable regarding this stage of divorce is key. We have a proven reputation for successfully guiding our clients through the property division process.

Understanding the Challenges

Because of our broad-based experience, we have been exposed to virtually all the challenges that can impact the division of property.  We can leverage our knowledge of the law to assess the specifics of your situation. Even in cases that seem relatively straightforward, complications can arise. In fact, they usually do. Some of the issues that require special attention are:

  • Small Business Ownership
  • Social Security Payments
  • Digital Assets
  • Intangible Assets
  • Executive Compensation Deals
  • Multiple Homes/Real Estate
  • Stock Options
  • Retirement Investments
  • Bank Accounts into Which Both Made Deposits.

At Price Family Law, we are experienced Denver high asset divorce attorney, skilled in managing all of these factors and are comfortable handling complicated and high net worth divorces. The combination of our knowledge of law and hands-on work provides us the ideal background on which to base our service to you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Property Division

Price Family Law Property Division Attorney Provides the Answers

At Price Family Law, we are well aware that each property division process is unique. No two couples’ assets and financial positions are identical. Additionally, acquisition timing plays an important role in Denver law, which further differentiates situations. Knowing this, we approach each case as unique. We take the necessary time to understand the particulars.  While questions from our clients tend to be specific to their situation, there are some more general concerns that most share. Below, we have detailed these questions and provided our divorce lawyer’s  answers.

Yes, you do. Divorce can be complicated, especially with regard to property division. And even the friendliest couples often find themselves at odds when money comes into play. You need the advice and counsel of a seasoned property division attorney, one who is committed to you and your life. This professional will protect your future!

In general, yes, it does. If you signed a prenuptial (or even postnuptial) agreement, it is likely your property will be divided based on the terms agreed to in that document. A Price Family Law attorney can review this document for you, determine its validity and assess how it will impact the process.

Marital debt will be taken into account during the property division process. Debts, too, will need to be divided if they were incurred during the time you were married. In addition to loans and mortgages, credit card debt must also be included.

In Colorado, the term “property” is relatively broad and basically includes anything of value. When dividing property, courts will look at your real estate, vehicles, total income (including commission and bonuses), investment accounts, personal items (including jewelry, furnishings, etc), and retirement savings. Our Denver property division attorney can help you identify your marital property for the process of property division.

Marital property refers to the property (and/or debts) that the two of you acquired once you were married. This property is what the courts will look at during the property division stage of a divorce. Separate property refers to those items each of you owned prior to getting married. Our team will help you categorize your property correctly and assist you in obtaining a favorable settlement.

No, inheritances that are in your name only remain separate property during divorce proceedings, however, if that property increased in value during the marriage, that increase could be considered marital. Alternatively, if you purchased a property during the marriage, and put it in your name only, it would still be considered marital property and included in the division calculations.

Both terms are used to identify the manner in which courts view and distribute property during divorce. In community property states, marital property is divided 50/50. Colorado, however, is an equitable distribution state. This means that the court will determine an equitable and fair split, depending upon a host of factors, and the division may not be equal. Our Denver property division lawyer can explain this concept in more detail to you.

We hope we have provided you with some valuable information. We understand, however, that your list of concerns is likely much longer. We offer all potential clients a free consultation. So, contact us today and schedule some time to sit down with us. During this meeting, we can learn more about your situation and you can see just how powerfully we can support you.

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Once you have decided to divorce, decisions need to be made. Don’t wait to plan for dividing your property. Knowing where you stand financially and determining where you want to be post-divorce is important to your future.  Our team of dedicated professionals is ready to go to work for you. Contact us at 720-615-1750 to schedule a free consultation. We are committed to providing our clients the highest level of personalized service. Let us help you begin this new chapter of your life under the best possible circumstances.

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